Kate Bush fever has reached new heights as a record eight of her albums entered the UK top 40 yesterday. Bush kicked off her epic 22 night come-back show in London last week, causing the internet to combust as reviews all over were gleaming.

After over 30 years of keeping quiet the iconic singer returned to the stage, wowing an eclectic audience made up of dedicated fans and younger listeners, all completely in awe of Bush. Dubbed the biggest come back of the year, Kate now has a chart record to add to her belt as she becomes the first female artist to have eight of her albums all sitting in the charts at one time.This isn’t the first chart record for Bush, though. She famously became the first female artist to top the singles charts back in 1978 with her chilling hit record, Wuthering Heights.”- BigShout

Welcome back Kate!

Mike Tyson - Undisputed Truth Part 2 by FlixandEvents

Part 2 of Mike Tyson- Undisputed Truth

Mike Tyson - Undisputed Truth Part 1 by FlixandEvents

Part 1 of Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth

You may love him, despise him, or be completely ambivalent, but if you want to have an inkling of what it was like to grow up poor and black in America before being thrust into fame and adulation as the world’s greatest boxer and still feeling undeserving of success, watch this documentary. Mike Tyson will never shake the notoriety surrounding his extraordinary life, but here you get a first hand account of it from his point of view.  A true anecdote of an American life.

Part 2 next…..

"Sex is easy to fake, comedy isn’t." - Lizzy Caplan on her role in "Masters of Sex".

I finally saw “Lincoln” last night and despite the outstanding performances of virtually the entire cast, James Spader as political operative W.N. Bilbo really stood out.  A complete departure from his traditional, restrained, cerebral roles, Spader was like a 19th century Sir Toby Belch (from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night), a drinker whose life experience- especially his understanding of the weakness of the human condition -were ideal in trying to manipulate reluctant politicians into voting to abolish slavery.

The Things You Told Me Today #2, Heather Day  mixed media on stretched canvas, 25” x 50”

Bernd Schaefers ”Seoul”

Bernd Schaefers ”Seoul”


remember summer


remember summer

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Album Art


Heavy Water

The Foals

Antidotes (2008)

Love this “oldie”

TitleHeavy Water


lets stop calling middle aged people that are sexist and racist “traditional”

Don’t let the assholes I grew up with get away with it.  If they made no effort to change or to try and better understand the world in all their time in it, they don’t deserve your respect.

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